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This week’s top stories: iPhone X impressions & launch, AAPL earnings, iOS 11.1 released, more

In this week’s top stories: The iPhone X is officially available with early reviews pouring in, Apple releases iOS 11.1 to the public and begins beta testing iOS 11.2, and more. Read on for all of this week’s top stories

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The iPhone X is here. Apple on Friday officially made the device available to customers as pre-orders started to arrive around the world. The device is still backordered 3-4 weeks on Apple’s website, but retail stores have scattered availability.

Early iPhone X reviews also began this week, with the general consensus being that Face ID works incredibly well and that the new form factor is great. Though, there were some concerns about display burn-in and color shifting.

Apple also released iOS 11.1 to the public this week. This update brings hundreds of new emoji, 3D Touch multitasking, and more. watchOS 4.1 with Apple Music streaming and more was also released. Additionally, Apple started the beta test process for its next release: iOS 11.2.

Apple this week showcased the upcoming iMac Pro in Space Gray at the Final Cut Pro X Creative Summit. At the same event, Apple announced Final Cut Pro 10.4 with support for virtual reality, HDR workflow, new color tools, and more.

Finally, Apple reported its Q4 2017 earnings, highlights include $52.6b in revenue and $10.7b profit from 46.7m iPhones, 10.3m iPads, and 5.4m Macs sold.

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This week Benjamin and Zac discuss initial iPhone X reviews, iOS 11.2 and SiriKit for HomePod, changes to Apple TV 4K in tvOS 11.2, and much more.

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