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Here’s how the new iPhone X design compares to every previous generation iPhone [Video]

The iPhone X marks a significant departure from previous generation iPhone design. Apple has crammed a 5.8-inch display into a body that’s only mildly larger than previous generation non-Plus models. A new video has hit YouTube this weekend, offering a close comparison between the iPhone X and every other iPhone model…

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The video offers a detailed walkthrough of every previous generation iPhone, noting of the design and form factor changes that each year brought. The most notable part of the comparison to me is noting of the the gradual evolution of form factor, ending with the compact iPhone X.

Apple views the iPhone X as the start of a new generation of iPhone design. Jony Ive remarked at the iPhone X launch event that the design team will has a lot of “big ideas” that they are working on:

We have a lot more big ideas and we are already working on them […] Rather than one ending of the iPhone, it is rather a new chapter and the beginning of its development.

iPhone X has been well-received in its first weekend of availability. Apple Stores were slammed with long lines and huge crowds for the device’s release and availability has been better than many people itniailly expected.

What do you think of the iPhone X’s design? What’s your favorite iPhone design? Let us know down in the comments.

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