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TOP-5 best air purifiers

Experts of the World Health Organization associate more than seven million deaths each year with poor ecology, including dirty air. But if it is difficult to protect yourself from the inhalation of pollution on the street, then houses are quite real. We chose the most effective air purifiers: they will help create a healthy atmosphere in the apartment or at work. 

Criterias of choice

What does “effective air cleaner” mean? What were we guided by choosing models? We explain. In our opinion, the best way to clean air is to pass through filters (mechanical cleaning). Anyway, for household models nothing better is not yet invented. So the main criterion is the quality of the filtration system.

In the text we mention air filters of various classes. For your convenience, in the infographics below we provide information on their effectiveness.

Effectiveness of air filters


IQAir HealthPro 250: Superfilters, expensive

The triple air purification system, implemented in the Swiss IQAir HealthPro 250, allows it to cope with dangerous for our body fine dust, allergens, bacteria and viruses, as well as odors and gaseous air pollution.

At the first stage of cleaning, air passes through the pre-filter – large dust is retained. Then it falls into a massive ( 2.5 kg ) two-pack adsorption filter MultiGas (base – granular activated carbon), which is responsible for cleaning the air from a wide range of gaseous chemical contaminants and odors, including cigarette smoke.

Air purifier IQAir HealthPro 250. Designed for 85 m². The cost is about 100 000 rubles *

Next on the way of air of impressive dimensions is the original HyperHEPA filter (working surface – 5 m², class: H 12-H 13, depending on the cleaning speed). He detain particles of a size of 0.003 microns – this is almost seven times less than the size of the smallest viruses. In addition, it is almost completely – with an efficiency of 99.97%, according to the manufacturer – copes with particles, the size of 0.3 microns.

Electronic control IQAir HealthPro 250 allows you to select the desired intensity of air purification (maximum performance – 440 m³ / h: 10 minutes for air cleaning in a room area of ​​15 m ²), create a timetable and be aware of the status of the filters. This is not a small air purifier, but there is a chassis and a comfortable handle, so there will not be any problems with its movement.

* All prices in the material are relevant on the day of publication.

Technclusive explains:

The larger the size of the filters in the air cleaner – the longer they work with maximum efficiency, the less often they need to be replaced. But, as in the case of IQAir, the size of the filters also affects the dimensions of the device, increasing them. Here you need to choose – either a more compact model and more frequent replacement of filters (these are additional costs), or an air cleaner larger and, accordingly, less frequent replacement of filters.

LG PuriCare: he knows what to do

An important feature of the South Korean air purifier LG Puri Care AS60GDPV0 is air quality sensors. One controls the presence in it of fine dust with a size of 1 μm, and the other checks for extraneous smells and gaseous impurities. Based on the data of these sensors, the Smart mode is working: the air cleaner optimizes its work independently – chooses the purification intensity.

Air gets into the cleaner around the circumference of the body – so, according to the information of the Koreans, the cleaning process is faster. In Booster mode, a special additional fan is activated at the top of the device, which helps to spread the clean air as quickly as possible through the room.

Air Purifier LG Puri Care AS60GDPV0. Designed for 58 m². The cost is 59 000 rubles

The pre-filter detains large dust, a high-efficiency HEPA filter (LG does not provide information on its class) – shallow, plus a special filter insert releases it from odors and gaseous contaminants. Filters are not as large as IQAir, but the cleaner itself is smaller. The manufacturer reports that the replacement of filters is required every 1-2 years. The cost of a set of filters is 5 999 rubles. LG Puri Care itself will cost 59,000 rubles.

Daniil Golovin, expert of the project


Air cleaners are designed for cleaning air in rooms of different areas. Often it can be 50 and even 100 m². So what? Is there one cleaner for the whole apartment? No: manufacturers always mean ideal conditions – no internal walls, closed doors and other things that interfere with the distribution of air. In an ordinary apartment, if this is not a “studio” type of housing, all this is difficult to implement. So it is necessary to put on the cleaner in each or almost every room, if you want the maximum effect – clean air everywhere.

Boneco H680: cleansing and moisturizing

Boneco H680 solves two problems: cleans air and moisturizes it (normal air humidity is not less important than its purity). Functions can be used separately – only cleaning or only moisturizing. For the purity of air responds to a hybrid filter that captures fine dust and odors.

It has an EPA-component (filter class – E 11) – copes with 95% of fine particles (see the table of efficiency of filters at the beginning of the material): dust, bacteria, pollen, etc. The activated carbon filter fights with odors.

A special moisturizing drum based on a spongy material is constantly wetted with water and maintains the optimum humidity in the room. Purified air, passing through it, carries with it particles of moisture into the room. The water consumption of the humidification system can reach liters per hour, the volume of the tank for pure water is 11 liters.

Air purifier Boneco H680. Calculated for 100 m². The cost is 60,000 rubles

The Boneco H680 has electronic control. Climatic complex monitors the degree of air pollution and humidity level – information is reflected on the display. On the basis of these data, the automatic mode works – maintaining the optimum air quality. There is an optimized mode for the children’s room, as well as for the night. When it will be necessary to replace the filters – the device will prompt the display with this indication.

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool: three in one

Having created a few years ago an airless fan with Air Multiplier technology (air “blows” through a special circuit), the British seem to have decided to squeeze out a maximum of it. In addition to the humidifier, which we wrote earlier , they created on its basis another device in which the function of the fan was added heating and air purification – Dyson Pure Hot + Cool.

The air purification system here is classical: HEPA filter class H13 catches fine dust, bacteria, pollen of plants, viruses and other allergens. This cleanser can safely use allergy sufferers and asthmatics – the model has passed a special certification.

The filtering layer of activated carbon with a special treatment has, according to the manufacturer, an increased ability to capture odors and gaseous pollutants from the air. Check out our video about this air purifier.

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool air cleaner. Calculated for 37 m². The cost is about 35 000 rubles

In addition to cleaning the air at any time of the year, in the cold you can turn on the heating mode, and in summer use Pure Hot + Cool as a fan. The official website, however, says that it cools, but this is a marketing exaggeration – there are no air conditioning functions here. It is also convenient that there are two modes of air distribution – directional and diffused.

Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2: inexpensive but steep

With this air purifier – Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2 – an interesting story: it’s kind of like in Russia, but it seems like it’s not there. That is, to buy it, including in Russian online stores, you can – on the “Yandex-Market” dozens of offers. But, as explained to us in RDC GROUP (this is the official representative and distributor of Xiaomi in Russia), these air purifiers are not delivered to our country through their channels.

However, the model is interesting – as well as many other Xiaomi products – in terms of characteristics and price-quality ratio. Design in the spirit of minimalism. Absorption of dirty air occurs from four sides (in fact, like the Korean LG PuriCare, only the “Chinese” body is less rounded). The maximum intensity of cleaning is 310 m³ of air per hour: approximately 10 minutes you can clean the air in a room with an area of ​​about 20 m².

Air Purifier Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2. Designed for 39 m². The cost is about 9,000 rubles

The purification system is traditional. First the preliminary plastic mesh is for large dust. Next, high-efficiency filter EPA E11, produced by the Japanese company TORAY (a well-known concern specializing in the production of water and air purification systems). Plus a special layer based on activated carbon – against odors and gaseous air pollution.

The cleaner can be controlled from anywhere – with the help of a proprietary mobile application – and even create a work schedule. And also get information about the quality of air, temperature and humidity at home, about the need to replace filters. It’s very cool that Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2 can be bought in Russia for 8 500-9 000 rubles – this is an excellent price for this functionality.

Five recommendations

– If space allows – use an air purifier with large (volumetric) filters: these last longer operate at maximum efficiency.
– Do not forget to regularly change those filters in the cleaner that require it – over time their effectiveness is reduced.
– To make the effect more palpable – install on the air cleaner in each room of the apartment, where you spend a lot of time (bedroom, living room, children’s room).
– The air is cleaned most quickly in completely insulated rooms, but do not neglect periodic airing.
– Use the remote control capabilities, if it is provided – it is convenient and will allow to optimize the work of the cleaner, to extend the resource of filters.

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